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NIFTY KNITTERS NEEDED - please help us by knitting hedgehogs and owls

The Wildlife Rescue and Hedgehog Hospital has been so busy this year that we have only been able to attend one fundraising event.  Usually we manage six or seven to raise much needed funds.


Therefore one idea we think may help is to enlist the skills of knitters to make the King Cole knitted tinsel hedgehogs and owls.

Hello, we were knitted by a vey FAY-mous knitter

The hedgehogs have proved very popular and sometimes they are named after actual hedgehogs in our Rescue.  Take for instance these two in the box.  These are Pixie and Ted who were sent all the way to Alabama, USA

Bye bye, we are off to Alabama, USA

We can supply the wool, which is the Copper Tinsel by King Cole, plus stuffing which has to be to a recognised safety standard.


However, to save on postage, if you are able to collect from Barlby, Selby and deliver the finished product, that would really help us


So, if you fancy yourself as one of our NIFTYKNITTERS,  do get in touch if you can help by ringing Annette on 0771 1883072



or email

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The Wildlife Orphanage, located off the A19 between Selby and York, is a small wildlife rescue specialising in the care of young wild animals and birds.

APRIL 2017 

On the 1st April, a female hedgehog was admitted with lacerations and a broken leg. These were caused by a dog attack. The leg had to be amputated 


October News


Baby Pixie arrived weighing only 100g and has numerous problems
Pixie has to have Imaverol baths to clear his skin
Pixie is suffering from mites & ringworm and is in a bad way for such a tiny hedgehog

The Wildlife Orphanage has had an influx of small hedgehogs over the last few weeks.  These are the Autumn Juveniles, born late in the year.  They are often seen out in daytime and looking a bit wobbly.  Please act quickly if you see one as they go downhill rapidly. 


With winter just around the corner, these little hogs will be just too light for hibernation.  They need to put on lots of weight to see them through the winter.


If you see a tiny hedgehog roaming about, often in daylight,

Please ring 0771 1883072 for advice.