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Hedgehogs have a second litter of babies in Autumn.  This seems to be getting later and later with little hedgehogs found wandering in November.


Unfortunately, this late in the year, these juveniles do not have sufficient time to lay down fat to last them through hibernation.  The weather turns cold and their food sources dry up.  They need our help and they need it quick.



a)  DO NOT watch it for days and days, (they are often out during the day scrounging for food).  Time is a luxury a small, underweight and often poorly hedgehog doesn't have.


b)  DO wear gloves to pick the hedgeghog up and place in a tall sided box or container, ensuring it cannot escape.


c)  DO give the little hedgehog some source of heat, ie a wheat bag, hot water bottle or a plastic pop bottle filled with warm water.


d) DO NOT place the hedgehog in your garage.  It's too cold in there and the juvenile hedgehog may be poorly.


e)  DO ring a Wildlife Rescue asap or contact the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for help - phone number:  01584 890801.  They retain a list of carers in all areas and also give advice. Also try or your local vet who may also know local hedgehog carers.


f)  DO offer the hedgehog some mashed meaty cat food and a drink of water  (never MILK !)

Baby Pixie is suffering from ringworm and mites

Baby Pixie arrived in October weighing just 100g. He had been found in daylight and after a thorough examination numerous scabs were found on his body. Pixie is having Imaverol baths to rid him of the ringworm and Ivermectin drops have been placed on his skin to rid him of mites. 

Pixie needs to be bathed in diluted Imaverol

Autumn juveniles arrive at The Wildlife Orphanage often in very poor condition, some just days away from death. 


They are are usually carrying a huge worm burden, dehydrated, starving, suffering from ringworm and mites and many other conditions. 

In Autumn, hedgehogs start searching for places to hibernate

Hedgehog babies leave their mum at only 7 or 8 weeks of age and in Autumn can really struggle 

Four intensive care units help save lives

On admission, hedgehogs are assessed and weighed. Paperwork is completed such as medical notes, observations, weight chart and medication given. 


After weighing they are placed in an intensive care unit to warm up. 


Rehydration is given subcutaneously as per The Vale Wildlife's chart. 


Most of the hedgehogs who arrive are just too weak to feed themselves and are syringe fed a mixture of puppy mousse which is watered down. 


NEVER feed bread and milk to a hedgehog. They are lactose intolerant and it could make them very ill. 

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The Wildlife Orphanage, located off the A19 between Selby and York, is a small wildlife rescue specialising in the care of young wild animals and birds.

APRIL 2017 

On the 1st April, a female hedgehog was admitted with lacerations and a broken leg. These were caused by a dog attack. The leg had to be amputated 


October News


Baby Pixie arrived weighing only 100g and has numerous problems
Pixie has to have Imaverol baths to clear his skin
Pixie is suffering from mites & ringworm and is in a bad way for such a tiny hedgehog

The Wildlife Orphanage has had an influx of small hedgehogs over the last few weeks.  These are the Autumn Juveniles, born late in the year.  They are often seen out in daytime and looking a bit wobbly.  Please act quickly if you see one as they go downhill rapidly. 


With winter just around the corner, these little hogs will be just too light for hibernation.  They need to put on lots of weight to see them through the winter.


If you see a tiny hedgehog roaming about, often in daylight,

Please ring 0771 1883072 for advice.